Speech Wings COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

We now offer teletherapy speech therapy services!

You may be worried right now, but it’s going to be alright!

You have no idea how many cool things your child is going to be able to do.  You have no idea how proud you’re going to feel.  Soon, you’re going to look back and remember when you used to be scared.  Then, you’ll smile, because you realize you stopped feeling that way a long time ago.

Our Clinic

North Dallas Location

Speech Wings Therapy is a clinician owned private practice located in Dallas, TX. Our mission is to provide child directed pediatric speech therapy services that are individually tailored to meet the needs of each patient. In addition to providing skilled intervention to our patients, we work to provide educational resources tailored to meet the specific needs of parents and caregivers.

Our Services

P.R.O.M.P.T. Therapy​

Training & Speaking

Social Skills Groups

Individual Speech Therapy

Special Needs School Placement

Parent Education & Counseling

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How we are different.

  • Your child is a child FIRST.
  • They are NOT a delay or deficit.
  • They are NOT a behavior.
  • They are NOT a list of problems to fix.
  • They ARE the sum of all they feel, think, and CAN do.
  • We pay attention to what your child CAN do.
  • We expand and bridge gaps using those skills.
  • We appreciate who your child is as a person.
  • We care about who our clients and families are as people.
  • We treat the whole family.
  • We find what’s great about your child and nurture it.
  • We celebrate your child’s growth often.
  • We show you how to nurture that growth so it continues to thrive.
  • We know every patient is important.
  • We know every patient CAN make an important difference in this world.
  • We know that difference might be just what the world needs.

Autism isn’t as complicated as you think, but the way you think about Autism may need to change. You can’t comprehend Autism’s potential until you think differently. We can teach you how to identify and support that potential. Sometimes a person with Autism changes an industry forever. Sometimes a person with Autism can streamline a system. Sometimes a person with Autism becomes indispensable to your future success. Sometimes a person with Autism performs tasks in a way that provides a confidence you never thought possible. Sometimes a person with Autism catches errors where none were found before and money is saved. Sometimes by hiring, learning, empathizing and working with people with Autism we are changed forever. Sometimes can become more often than not. More often than not can become frequently. Frequently can become always. Always is the future. When individuals, groups or companies get to always their potential becomes unlimited. The future of Autism is unlimited.

“I can remember the time before I learned to speak, and how I used to struggle to express my thoughts by means of the manual alphabet–how my thoughts used to beat against my finger tips like little birds striving to gain their freedom, until one day Miss Fuller opened wide the prison-door and let them escape. I wonder if she remembers how eagerly and gladly they spread their wings and flew away. Of course, it was not easy at first to fly. The speech-wings were weak and broken, and had lost all the grace and beauty that had once been theirs; indeed, nothing was left save the impulse to fly, but that was something. One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar. ”
– Helen Keller


Some of the things we are doing!



Don't just take our word for it.

Working with Speech Wings was the best thing that's ever happened to my child and my family. Miss Courtney unlocked so many doors, by educating both my child and our family on how to create a positive environment for language learning. She is professional, extremely knowledgeable, and the warm rapport she builds with each child is priceless. I don't use this word often, but Courtney is an angel. Speech Wings is the best!!! When we first went to her, he had no words, few hand signs, and was having disturbing tantrums every other day. She unlocked so many doors, for him and for us as a family. He doesn't have tantrums anymore. He speaks in five word sentences that he invents himself. He's beginning to read and spell.

L. Altice

Proud Parent

Courtney is amazing! Not only is she an excellent teacher but she makes it so much fun! My son always asks if he gets to see Miss Courtney today! I recommend her to everyone I meet that is looking for an SLP.

The Condrys

Proud Parents

Speech Wings has truly changed our lives. Our son was diagnosed with a speech delay and also had trouble with transitions. As you can imagine, with these issues our son had daily frustrations due to his inability to communicate. In the beginning, he would have frequent and severe tantrums. This limited his ability to participate in a mainstream preschool class. Enter Speech Wings. Courtney developed social stories, visual schedules, and moderated social skills classes that have helped our son to blossom. He has come so far in such a short period of time. His spontaneous speech has grown by leap and bounds. The visual schedules help with his transitions, and his tantrums have gone from daily to a rarity. He is happy, energetic and growing into a sweet young man. We owe a lot of this to Courtney. Courtney has become a fixture in our lives. She is energetic, down to earth, direct, and detailed-oriented. She is completely approachable and extremely knowledgeable. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and Courtney is definitely an irreplaceable part of our village!

The Robinsons

Proud Parents